But They Promised Not To Grow Up

young child

Some things are simple. Some things are without ambiguity. They’re black or white, right or wrong.

And this is simple . . . and it is wrong.

They lied to me. They looked right in my eyes and lied without hesitation.  

I asked a very direct question: “Do you promise Daddy you will never grow up?” Their response? “Yes, Daddy. We promise!”

Sure, there was tickling and giggling and ice cream involved, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they made a promise. An extremely important promise.

And I don’t want to hear all this nonsense about how they were only 2 and 3 years old at the time. Who cares.

If you’re old enough to do pinky swears, you’re old enough to tell the truth.  

But they didn’t tell the truth. They’re growing up.

They’re growing up faster than I could have imagined.

Now my kids do stupid, grown-up things like shake hands and pick out their own clothes.  I hear them discussing immigration and symbolism. They routinely trounce me in video games, and they’ve taken over the remote control.

walking with dad  

No one asks my opinion anymore; Siri is the guru of choice. Spelling out forbidden words is no longer an option because both of my children had the audacity to start reading years ago. The princess was singing a Bruno Mars song the other day, and the masculine child was wearing cologne. BRUNO MARS! COLOGNE!

They lied to me, and I still haven’t gotten over it. They’re getting big when all I want is for them to stay little. They’re learning about the world when all I want to do is protect them from it. They need me less with each new day, but with each new day I think I need them more.

Time is winning. I guess I can’t stop that. But at least I have this one comfort: When they grow up and start families of their own, they won’t leave me. They’ll stay close to home.  

It’s true. I know it is. I made them promise.

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