Do We Need To Make America Great Again?

Truth About the Current State of America

make america great again hat

Four words defined the campaign — Make America Great Again. Red hats were passed out, raucous crowds were entertained, opponents were mocked and an election was won, all because our country was in peril and we had a businessman who promised, “I alone can fix it.”

Donald Trump, the candidate, vowed for months to make America great again, and disenfranchised Americans took him at his word. 

But the question that begs to be asked is obvious:

When did America stop being great?

What happened under the Obama administration that robbed us of our greatness? “He is a total disaster,” we were told by candidate Trump. Really? How did we miss that? It feels like America is the envy of the world — as President Reagan once said, “A shining city on a hill.” 

It only takes a few minutes of research to discover . . . 

America has experienced 75 straight months of job growth (source).

(For a point of reference, due to the recession, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month when President Obama took office — source)

american job growth
US Bureau of Labor Statistics

The unemployment rate in America is down to 4.7%  (source)

(down from 9.3% when President Obama took office)

us unemployment rate
US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Violent crime continues to drop in America (source)

us violent crime rates
NBC News

The stock market is at historic highs (source)

dow jones growth
New York Times

World opinion of America is significantly higher than it was 8 years ago (source)

european leaders view of america
world opinion of America

Of course there are other measures too: gas prices are down, mega-churches are exploding (for the Evangelical readers), consumer confidence continues to balloon and the growing GDP is surprising economists.

Now, cynics will look at these numbers and scoff. They’ll shout about America’s flaws, and they’ll ascribe blame to a political party other than their own. But reasonable people look past the partisan posturing and focus on the truth that, though imperfect, America is on the right track.

We understand that we still have work to do. Economically, militarily, socially, environmentally — there are still gains to be made. But don’t tell us our country is a “disaster” and expect us to believe it just because you say it loudly with a red ball cap on. 

We’re Americans. We’re patriots. We’ve always believed our country is great. And we’ve got the facts to prove it.