Inexhaustible Grace

red flower in snow

Ah, the first days of January. A time of shiny new resolutions and surging gym memberships. The week known for football games and diet plans. Clean and crisp. Brisk and bright. Good ol’ January.

However, in my house, this post-holiday week is known for something other than fresh starts and first downs. It’s a not-so-happy time. These are somber days. Souring eggnog and wilting mistletoe are neglected because our attention is turned elsewhere. These are the days the toys die.

The new game controller doesn’t work, the electronic puppy stops barking, the Nerf gun keeps jamming and the Wi-Fi can’t keep up. Sigh. It never fails. Year after festive year, Christmas toys become hapless victims. Overpriced, animated lives snuffed out too soon. Oh, the humanity.

I guess they just don’t make toys like they used to. (Spoken in my best Grandpa Walton voice.) These objects of jocundity break quicker than you can Google jocundity. And the kids are devastated. Always devastated. 

Delirium becomes disappointment. Bemusement becomes bewilderment.  Christmas morning is replaced with Christmas mourning. 

Each year, as I watch a predictable percentage of the gifts fail, I become more and more aware of grace. You see, grace is the gift that never disappoints. It is indestructible. 

Grace doesn’t get dirty or scuffed. It doesn’t wear down with use.  You can be rough with it. You can leave it on. You can let others have a turn.

Grace is inexhaustible. 

There aren’t many things in our lives we can say that about. There aren’t many things we can depend upon. I mean really depend upon. But grace is that rare gift. It is a reflection of God: unchanging, unfailing. 

Maybe someone let you down. Maybe he quit on you or she betrayed you. Maybe something you hoped for is broken, and maybe you are broken too. 

If so, take heart. Grace is waiting to meet you. It won’t resign. It won’t serve divorce papers. It won’t fail. And it won’t die. 

You may get tired, but grace never will. Grace is your perfect gift forever.

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