Tame Sex and Timid Faith

couple kissing

I often wonder why many Christians balk at the idea of wild sex. Why they don’t limp into church on Sunday mornings sore and exhausted from an all-nighter. Why they don’t cryptically lock the door to the office when their spouse comes by to bring some “lunch.”  Why they don’t have any pictures on their camera phones they’d rather you not see. And why they never have hickeys.

Must of culture appears to be hookin’ up, showing off, and getting’ freaky, but people of faith are having once-a-week, 9 to 9:10, missionary-position “intimacy.” It’s as if the world grabbed the market on torrid sex while we settled for Meh, that wasn’t too bad.

Billy Joel sang “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.” His perception, and the perception of a cultural majority, is that single sex is fun and married sex is not —  and even more perplexing, that sin is fun and God is not.

But I don’t blame culture; I think we’re to blame.

We’ve become boring, safe and predictable. There’s a reason why your co-workers would rather sleep in than meet you at church, and there’s a reason why your spouse would rather ride an exercise bike than ride you. You’re no fun!

Guess what? God never said that sex had to be cute, boring and predictable. And He never said that your faith had to be cute, boring and predictable either. It’s quite the opposite. The call to follow Christ is one of intrigue, excitement and adventure. It’s about making mistakes, jumping out of boats, fighting through crowds, partying with sinners, helping the hurting and running for your lives. It’s everything we’ve longed for, we just didn’t know it.

Wake up! Get freaky! Your libido isn’t the only thing unaroused. Your faith is, too.

Go home tonight and show your spouse what you’re capable of. Take some chances, try some new moves, say something filthy, use your imagination. If morning coffee tomorrow is a little awkward then you know you did something right.

You got wild, you took some risks, you had some fun. Maybe that kind of attitude will re-energize more than your sex life. Maybe it will re-energize your faith.

couple in love