Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Living A Fully Charged Life

Battery life is the new meter in a digital era. It’s the gas gauge of our lives. An icon we’re all aware of. Important,...

Are We Raising Racists?

How we are raised as children profoundly affects how we relate as adults. But I hope this isn't always true . . . You see,...

Words Endure on Social Media


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10 Terrible Motivational Sayings

If you're a realist, a pragmatist or just a dark, dark soul, these sayings are the perfect excuse to stay in bed and day...

4 Things To Do When Your Life Falls Apart

The cruelest myth perpetrated on society is ‘happily ever after.’ Pick your term of choice: lie, fable, deception, misdirection or alternative facts. Whichever you...
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My Post-Evangelical Life

For years, I was a proud, card-carrying Evangelical. I was die hard, dogmatic and totally immersed in the “us verses the world” sub-culture. It...