Sunday, November 18, 2018
walking away

My Post-Evangelical Life

For years, I was a proud, card-carrying Evangelical. I was die hard, dogmatic and totally immersed in the “us verses the world” sub-culture. It...
social media

15 Ways to Avoid Facebook Drama

There was a common expression in my high school — Save the drama for yo’ mama. I’m not sure why people liked to say it....
covered face

The Shame We Wear

You never know what you might come across driving down the highway — a funny bumper sticker, an animal crossing . . . a...
couple kissing

Tame Sex and Timid Faith

I often wonder why many Christians balk at the idea of wild sex. Why they don't limp into church on Sunday mornings sore and...

You Can Get It Back

Panic is an easy word for a writer. The readers feel it more than they see it. It’s a literary smelling salt. Offensive and...
retro tv

Television Jesus

As a pastor's kid, my childhood was well stocked with Easter trauma. I still wake up with night sweats, remembering hand-me-down suits, Easter eggs...
worn baseball

Have You Done A Dad Thing Lately?

Life is too busy. We all understand this. Meetings, appointments, deadlines — life. But what if things were different? What if we ignored life’s...


I learned early on in my inauspicious and underwhelming basketball career that sometimes the coach says, “Sit down”.  He says it in different ways. “Take...
young child

But They Promised Not To Grow Up

Some things are simple. Some things are without ambiguity. They're black or white, right or wrong. And this is simple . . . and it...
almost real

Let’s Pretend To Follow Jesus

Following Jesus is a challenge. Sometimes too much of a challenge. It requires us to sacrifice and love others and be decent. Ugh. If only...

Words Endure on Social Media


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Three Ways To Cope When Grief Crashes In

Grief is a storm. An unwelcome pressure system that pummels and floods. Pain, loss, heartbreak—they can seem overwhelming. In the last 3 months, I have...

10 Terrible Motivational Sayings

If you're a realist, a pragmatist or just a dark, dark soul, these sayings are the perfect excuse to stay in bed and day...

4 Things To Do When Your Life Falls Apart

The cruelest myth perpetrated on society is ‘happily ever after.’ Pick your term of choice: lie, fable, deception, misdirection or alternative facts. Whichever you...