Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When Churches Compete (2 of 4)

When churches compete, we lose focus . . . I almost kicked the bucket . . . I almost took a dirt nap . ....
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When Churches Compete (1 of 4)

When churches compete, people see the worst in us . . . There are few things more childish than an insecure athlete. Winning assuages his insecurities...

Funded by the Generous Sacrifice of Someone Else

The modern church is the best deal in town. Lights, music, graphics, emotion, spiritual application, prayer, support, friends, counseling, oversight, accountability, teaching and it...
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An Open Letter To New Church Planters

Dear Church Planter, I'm assuming that in your preparation to launch the next life-changing local church, you asked yourself every difficult question and perhaps you...

Words Endure on Social Media


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10 Terrible Motivational Sayings

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4 Things To Do When Your Life Falls Apart

The cruelest myth perpetrated on society is ‘happily ever after.’ Pick your term of choice: lie, fable, deception, misdirection or alternative facts. Whichever you...
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My Post-Evangelical Life

For years, I was a proud, card-carrying Evangelical. I was die hard, dogmatic and totally immersed in the “us verses the world” sub-culture. It...